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Are you searching for high quality livestock or venison? Perhaps you are interested in achieving better health. You have arrived at the right place.
Highbourne is primarily engaged in scientific breeding and selling red deer breeding stock. Our other main focus is on marketing venison to wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, and individuals.  Please continue reading to find out how you can benefit from our company’s fine products.

High Quality Breeding Stock

  • Milder Temperament
  • Finest Venison Products

Highbourne Deer Farms is a red deer breeding operation that began in 1990, with imported deer from New Zealand. In 1992, a second bloodline of Scottish deer were added. In 1996 and 1997 German deer embryos were transferred into the farm’s New Zealand females. The 3 major lineages create a herd diversity with an excellent selection of quality breeding stock. The red deer, whose scientific name is Cervus el hus, are technically the same species as native North American elk (wapiti). However, red deer come from outside North America, and exhibit many differences as a subspecies. Among the more important differences are a better temperament for handling and superb venison.

Healthy Prime Animals

  • Proper Health Maintenance Program
  • Pasture, Hay and Grain Fed

Our livestock are kept in prime condition. Since 1992, Highbourne Deer Farms has maintained a “closed” herd that is routinely treated, resulting in a very healthy herd. The deer subsist on pasture during the warm months and are supplemented with quality hay and grain, consisting of corn, oats or barley, soy meal, and vitamins and minerals throughout the year.


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