Venison Facts

We are committed to bringing you the finest in American farm-raised venison and venison products. Quality is maintained at every step of the production process from breeding to packaging and shipping.

Highbourne deer are raised with great care with regard to nutrition and health maintenance in order to provide superior red deer venison. We do not raise our deer with chemicals or growth hormones.

The quality of venison depends primarily upon the age, the diet, the amount of stress at the time of slaughter, the manner in which the meat is processed and the way it is prepared. We raise our red deer on pasture and locally grown hay, grain and produce which promotes growth without excessive fat or the use of chemicals.

Our animals go to market between 14 and 28 months of age. They are slaughtered with a minimum of stress after which great care is taken to process the meat and package it to ensure the best possible quality. All of our meat cuts and processed vension products are USDA inspected.

Our meats are locally processed. They are also vacuum packed and fresh frozen. They have a long shelf life and will taste fresh even after several months.

Hints for Preperation:

Because venison is so lean, we recommend cooking it on high heat as you would any lean meat. For maximum flavor, avoid overcooking. Venison is normally served rare to medium. Well-done meat may be dry because it is so lean. It is not necessary to use marinades or other spices to cover a wild gamey taste; however, if you have a favorite marinade, fruit chutney or berry sauce, we are sure you will find it just as delicious


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